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How did this ground breaking program start?

"There was a time when I thought I had it made; masters degree, doctorate, successful counseling service, happily married with three beautiful daughters, vacationing like clockwork to the best places in Canada, the USA, and other beautiful locations worldwide. Life could not be better, right?"
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Wrong! There was something missing in the equation. I was still feeling empty. As I lived through my personal situation and began combining introspection as well as examining others personal success journey, it came to me. There is a formula and a method to living and creating for yourself, a successful and fulfilling life.

It all came so crystal clear to me! I began writing my first book, Inspiration At Work that captured not only what I learned about myself, but what I learned through helping others. Then came my second book, Creating Your Dreams and Making Them Real. After implementing these learnings, I now have a proven formula and method...the Success Pack Program!

I started to put it into practice myself. I now feel in control and am able to adapt the way I think and feel. My family life is awesome, my personal attitude and fitness is on target, and most of all, my main purpose in life TODAY is to share what has made me a better person to myself and others!

So What's Inside Success Pack?

We have created the first module of Success Pack with 8 easy lessons and two exclusive one hour "Seminar" Videos and a full set of introductory videos for each lesson!

  • Creating My Own Pathway For Success

  • Sense Of Purpose, Your Why!

  • Power of Understanding

  • Conviction and Commitment

  • Putting Courage to Work For You

  • E To The 5th Power (Enthusiasum, Energy, Engagement, Effectiveness, & Efficiency

  • Sharing Your Goals With Others

  • Supporting Others In Their Quest For Success

    Allow this course to lead you, then put in practice for 60 days. You will find that you will be transformed to the person you want to be! You control your happiness and success!

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You've probably read many books on success in the past and got something out of it, and tried to put things together, but eventually you let it "sit" for a while. Life happens, you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you moved to a different location, got promoted in your job and now you have double the workload.

Success Pack has been created on a state of the art e-learning platform to be interactive with you. Filling in the blanks, answering questions, practice and reflect on your actions, and most of all learn how to really transform yourself to where you want to be!

Imagine that at last, you have a blueprint where you can follow that actually guides you to change for the better. World renown Dr. Maxwell Maltz, stated back in the 1950's, that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. Of course it may be different for you based on your background, attitude, influences, and behaviors; nonetheless, it has been proven to be quite effective in transforming people into a desired state where they have never before achieved!

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We believe our program to be a life changing experience for you if followed to the tee. We worked hard to scientifically put together this program so that you benefit from the content provided.

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